Avengers Creates A New Record


Hollywood movies started to take over the Indian Box Office like never before. Slowly, the event movies of Hollywood are also performing better in India.

There is a big reason for this too. All Star heroes are settling for Eid, Diwali and Christmas dates, hence, during Summer, mainly due to IPL, we don’t see big films releasing.

As there is a void in the market, Hollywood movies are capturing the market slowly.

Avengers Infinity War, turned out to be the biggest event movie in the history of Marvel Comic Book films and entire world lapped it up as the biggest ever film out there.

Even Indian audience did not fall behind. The movie has become the first Hollywood movie to collect Rs. 250 crores gross in India and it crossed Jungle Book’s Rs. 245 crores in just 10 days.

The movie is going to be the first Hollywood film to put up a Nett Collection of Rs. 200 crores at Indian Box Office. Previous highest is Rs.188 crores by Jungle book and Avengers is at 192 crores, now.