Avengers EndGame Continue The Great Ride!


Avengers EndGame opened to a dream weekend breaking all the box office records in 50 countries for any Hollywood film. It collected 357 Million USD in North America and 330 Million USD in China, two big markets for films now-a-days.

The weekend saw 1.2 Billion USD worldwide and in India movie collected 159 crores Nett gross for 187 crores gross in three days.

On Monday, it collected 31 crores Nett gross all languages included in India and total gross is above 225 crores in four days. Movie collected 190 crores Nett gross in India in four days.

These are phenomenal numbers for any film. In Andhra Pradesh and Telangana movie did not put up such huge numbers in small towns after the big weekend.

Metros are still seeing good occupancies but audiences in other areas returned to watch Telugu films. Nani’s Jersey is seen as the big film for this week now, an alternative to Avengers.

Movie is at 25.2 crores share mark and it needs 2-2.5 crores share to be called a profit. Movie did not see much acceptance in C centres compared to A centres. Even those areas have been slow as many thought it will be a 40-45 crores share grosser for Nani after MCA.

May be the direct comparison with a blockbuster like Majili hurt the film. At Summer Box Office, movie is still at third place after Majili and Kanchana-3. Kanchana-3 is scoring more due to B and C centres love than A centres.

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