Avengers Fans Unhappy With Anasuya


Avengers: Endgame is one of the prestigious projects that released recently at the box-office. The film is creating phenomenal records at the box-office. Film lovers all over the country, especially from the Telugu states loved the movie and heaped praises over it. A lot of celebrities and film personalities too tweeted about their opinion on the film. While a lot of people liked it, the popular TV host Anasuya disliked the movie. She has her own reasons for not liking the movie which she revealed on Twitter.

Anasuya admitted that she is late to the party and wrote, “I know I am late.. but watched it as soon as I could.. as a true hard core fan.. Though there have been few incredible moments here and there.. I have to admit I am not happy with #AvengersEndgame

#Disappointed. I mean once an #Avengers fan always an #Avengers fan .. I will watch all the 21 films again and again like I’ve been doing.. but not this one.. will talk about it after a coupla weeks in detail may be if the topic arises.. don’t want to be a spoiler now..”

She revealed that she was disappointed with Thor character.

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