Are those award functions or ‘Expo’ exhibitions?


vogue-beauty-awards-2017These days, many have gotten into a bad idea that to support anything a woman does all they have to do is to call it their right and slam, male chauvinism. Even if you praise someone’s beauty you have to worry if they are getting hurt by your words. Deepika Padukone, made it a point that she has all the rights to show off her cleavage but a newspaper should not comment on that in any case.

Well, some of us agreed with it and some of us did not. The debate about wearing skimpy and raunchy clothes that expose their private parts by celebrity women has been going on for a while now. Recently, for an awards event, all the actresses including Diya Mirza, Shahid Kapoor’s wife Mira Rajput, Amithabh’s grand daughter Swetha Nanda, Aishwarya Rai, Riya Chakraborthy, Bhoomi Padnekar, Sayami Kher decided to wear low deep cut neck dresses, exposing their cleavage.

We can’t if exposing their cleavage is a theme of the evening but looking at all them do so, we are wondering if this is acceptable behaviour or not. We are not asking them hide everything or not wear certain type of clothes, but even over exposure turns us off. But we dare comment on that, because if you do so, you are a male chauvinist or an anti-feminist. Well, all we want to say is when you are exposing so much, do you real think people should not comment on it?? Then, what is the reason for all that exposure??