Award winning director says Baahubali a copy!


Adoor-GopalakrishnanVeteran Mollywood director Adoor Gopalakrishnan said that he’s not impressed by Baahubali movies!

The director thinks it should not have got a National Award, as this sends out wrong message to filmmakers as well as audiences. The filmmaker criticised Baahubali, saying that making films on big budgets is a crime, because of the fact that millions of people do not have enough money to make their daily ends meet.

Adoor also alleged that Baahubali is a copy of 1951 Telugu-Tamil bilingual Pathala Bhairavi, and that the SS Rajamouli’s magnum opus directorial has not delivered anything good for the society.

He said that Baahubali like movies create a negative impact on the society, and added that he won’t spend even Rs 10 on watching it. He went on saying that for Rs 10 crores, 10 good movies can be made. This is not the first time Adoor made a negative comment on Baahubali and earlier in February he said that if Baahubali gets a National Award, it’s devastating and sends a bad message to audiences.