B.Com Lo Physics For Raj Tarun!


‘B.Com lo Physics’ as said by TDP MLA Jaleel Khan has become so viral that it became an adage that people are using in their conversations. And earlier we have revealed that lyric-writer Ramajogayya Sastry actually wrote this line as a lyric for Mahesh’s Sypder movie.

Taking to his social media page, Ramajogayya then clarified that this is a ‘wrong news’. An insider information, however, says something new about the happening. Actually, that line was rejected outright by Mahesh and his director Murugadoss as that may lead to political uneasiness. And the lyricist has nothing to replace it. Guess what, he has now used the same line for another song.

In a song that goes by the lyric ‘Andhagdu Aata Kochade’ from the movie “Andhagadu” of Raj Tarun, there is this line “B.Com loni Physics laga.. Ne nadumekkade najooku teega”. The hero does a fair comparison between Hebbah Patel’s waist and physics. For all those literature lovers, this song is written by Ramajogayya himself and that sounds little surprising too.

Well, whether he might have shifted from Mahesh to Raj Tarun or not, using a line that is in contemporary with the present times is a commendable job only. No doubt, the line is expected to invoke many laughs in theatres while the lyrical song is already doing it.