Baahubali 2 LIVE Updates First Review


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The most awaited movie release of the year and much talked about film Baahubali 2 release has now come down to few hours from now. But here, a Popular Dubai Censor Board member Umaira Sandu says he had seen the Baahubali 2 preview and soon after the premiere show he posted series of happy tweets giving a brief review of the magnum opus! He clarified that the film will elevate the prestige of Indian cinema and hailed Director Rajamouli.

Here are his series of tweets:

First Half of #Baahubali2 Done !!! Totally SPECTUCULAR & Terrific ! No Dull Moment throughout the film ! Hatsoff to #Prabhas ! #UAECensor

2nd Half of #Baahubali2 Done ! Best film i’ve ever seen in #India! History will be Rewritten this Friday !! ALL TIME BLOCKBUSTER !

#Baahubali2 got Standing Ovation at UAE Censor Board ! Proud Moments for India ! Jai Hind

Review #Baahubali2 !! Thank u @ssrajamouli for setting New Trend of Indian Cinema & taking it to new heights. TOTALLY SPECTACULAR !

First Review of #Baahubali2 from UAE Censor Board on my Facebook Page Now. Watch it Now #Baahubali Fans.

Exclusive First Detail Review of #Baahubali2 from UAE Censor Board ! All Time Blockbuster ! 5*/5* !


Making a film is no easy task and making one that boasts of being India’s costliest and grandest film till date on both budget and scale, definitely is a humongous challenge.

Talking about the CGI used in the film, BAAHUBALI 2 is easily comparable to the Hollywood greats like THE LORD OF THE RINGS series and even the HARRY POTTER series that featured entire towns, cities and regions artificially developed to look realistic. Compared to the usual Indian standard of CGI work in films, the effort and detail that went into making BAAHUBALI 2 is visibly evident in the stunning waterfalls, the spectacular city of Mahishmati, and the sheer cliffs.

Coming to the performances in the film, the casting of BAAHUBALI 2 is just perfect with every actor doing a brilliant job in their respective roles. Here a special mention goes to both Prabhas and Rana, for some outstanding work, especially for Rana who excels in portraying the angry smouldering eyed King Bhallala. Ramaya Krishnan, despite being in a supporting role manages to leave an impact. The other two supporting cast members Nasser and Satyaraj as Bijjaladeva and Kattappa are impressive as well. No Indian storyteller comes close to what S.S. Rajamouli envisions and executes on screen.

Every sequence of BAAHUBALI 2 is a marvel that can easily be compared to the best of Hollywood. The grandiose sets, VFX, sound, edit, cinematography and most importantly, the screenplay of BAAHUBALI 2 is beyond fantastic. Mindblowing Story, Screenplay, Dialogues, Music & Screenplay.

Prabhas gave Career Best Performance ever. Rana Daggubati, Anushka Shetty & Tammannah are Fantastic. Sathayraj is Outstanding ! Good acting by all supporting actors.

On the whole, BAAHUBALI 2 makes you proud that an Indian filmmaker dared to dream big and accomplished it. BAAHUBALI 2 is definitely not to be missed. Call it a box-office blockbuster today, but tomorrow, it will be remembered as a classic.

Umair Sandhu Rating : ☆☆☆☆☆ 5*/5*