Baahubali Enters The Lexicon Of Award-Winning Author


Ravi Subramanian is an award-winning author of seven bestselling thrillers. His new book, a romantic Intrigue, is being released this October.

His most popular books are: If God was a Banker, God is a Gamer, Bankster and The Incredible Banker.

Ravi Subramanian has recently written a piece for an online news portal in which he expressed his regret at the fact that, online shopping of books while inevitable and beneficial is also actually responsible for preventing the works of emerging young writers from being discovered. And one paragraph in his article reads:

“How then do you discover new authors? Online or through bookstores? Clearly the latter. The emergence of online stores in a Bahubalisque fashion has taken its toll on discoverability of new writing. There is no bigger testimony to this than the fact that most big (Indian) commercial authors of today came on the scene much before online took over book sales.”

Readers would have noticed his use of the term ‘Bahubalisque’ and Ravi Subramanian can be credited for coining it.ravi-subramanain