Baahubali Inflames Caste Wars


Baahubali-theatersThe recent petrol bomb attack on a theater in Madhurai screening ‘Bahubali’ is still burning the Dalit groups. Although caste based dialogues have always been a part of South cinema, the dialogue of ‘Pagadaikku Pirandhavan’ is considered as completely derogatory of a Dalit sub caste. In fact, Tamil writer Madan Karky is hell bent to ask for apologies and yet the issue is to calm down.

Activists and film makers in Tamil Nadu are scared on how many caste wars ‘Bahubali’ will inflame in the future showing its effect on forthcoming films. Some of the top Magazine Editors are urging the civil society to do more for sensitizing the masses and film makers on social issues. However, ‘Bahubali’ directly dealt with the issue of caste rivalry between upper castes and Dalits. So, one has no need to shy away from talking about the caste. Problems arise only when caste prides are forcibly inserted into the film even though there is no context of doing it.

Courts and Censor Boards are present to admit any such caste slurs cases. They have to react only when there is a pressing issue. Irrespective of terming the protests against ‘Bahubali’ as either acceptable or unacceptable, we are living in a democratic country and there are democratic ways to stage these protests. Before all these, film makers and writers should be aware of all the social issues before penning any lines against those lower caste people who are living in the same fabric of our society.