Baahubali Made Antis To Prabhas


Baahubali-Made-AntisYoung Rebel Star Prabhas is a soft natured guy who keeps away from controversies. He proclaimed many times that he doesn’t believe in number game. This superior quality helped Prabhas in attaining vast following in classes, especially in females. Although most of the star heroes have anti fans, Prabhas had only fans until the release of Rajamouli directed Baahubali.

The enormous success of Baahubali brought mammoth craze for Prabhas and also made him anti fans. While overenthusiastic fans claim Prabhas is biggest star in Tollywood, antis bestow Baahubali success credit to director Rajamouli. The antis say Prabhas would not have achieved the feat, if Rajamouli wasn’t on the board for Baahubali. On the other hand, Prabhas fans assert that no Tollywood hero would fit for the role of Baahubali, other than the tall hunk Prabhas.

If we take recent Bhimavaram road brawl; a small incident led to big scuffle between two fans groups. Actually, Prabhas and other stars are nothing to do with the issue. In fact, one with evil nature can influence others to go vicious and this might be the case in Bhimavaram fans fight. Although Prabhas still stands aloof from contentions, the sudden craze is disquieting fervent fans of other star heroes. How it would be for Prabhas, if Baahubali 2 turns out to be much bigger hit than the first part?