Baahubali Merchandise Store launched


Baahubali-Merchandise-StoreNeed less to say, How popular ‘Baahubali’ franchise has become globally. Now, The Makers have been trying to capitalize on the craze by launching an exclusive Baahubali Merchandise.

A specially-designed Baahubali Merchandise Store have launched online. Fans of the franchise can now buy Baahubali T-Shirts, Laptop Skins, Mobile Covers, iPas Cases, Coffee Mugs, Hoodies, Posters, Notebooks, Coasters, Badges and many more items. Hollywood films such as Harry Potter generate huge revenue with merchandise stores. Indian Movies aren’t able to reach anywhere closer. Baahubali could be a game changer now.

T-Shirts of Baahubali have been sold out for Rs 499 each. SS Rajamouli & his Son Karthikeya posed wearing these Baahubali T-Shirts.

Just 10 Days were left for the Baahubali storm at the Box Office. Probably, It could be the first Rs 1,000 crore grossing Indian Flick.