Baahubali Nominated for Oscar?


Baahubali-Belongs-To-TelangThe most expensive movie of India Baahubali deserves to be nominated for Oscar and here are few supporting points for it:

1. Film maker S.S. Rajamouli says as many as 600 artists and 17 visual effects companies worked in combination to finish the much-anticipated Telugu period drama “Baahubali” promptly.

2. The film’s manager and DOP KK Senthil Kumar invested thousands of man time for post-production, over an interval of 24 months. The movie makers’ DI (digital intermediate) associate Annapurna provided the first ever DI procedure tried in India in the range of the show biz industry movies.

3. For the very first time in India, we had applied ACES perform circulation. We had started this venture two years ago and did several studies on workflows before securing on ACES. It gives plenty of independence and manages for VFX specialist to perform around within the video.

4. Outfits and overall design should combination in with the rest of the movie. It should create stars experience safe. That is what they are tried to do here. The personality of the character and the scene are the significant part that impacts their choices.

5. All the stars have performed their stunts on their own without the use of body doubles and it is worth watching for such performance oriented artists.

6. Baahubali has tips not only from large cinema presence, but also from sky-high solution prices

7. For the action sequences, they did a lot of sword fighting with Vietnamese competitors. Peter Hein choreographed the activity sequences.

8. Prabhas was trained for rock climbing and the scene of jumping in the water fall was done by him with protection which took 25 days to shoot.

9. Prabhas gained weight for Baahubali character for about 100kgs by consuming 30-40 eggs per day and Rana Dagubbati gained weight for Bhallaladeva character for about 120 kgs.