Baahubali Pakistani Poster!


Apparently the success of “Baahubali 2” at the box office is so huge that few people from Bangladesh actually took Indian visas and travelled to Kolkata to watch the film in theatres. And then we have demands coming up from distributors in Pakistan requesting Karan Johar, the presenter of Hindi version of the film, to release the movie in the Islamic republic.

With Pakistan not allowing films like Bajrangi Bhaijan to release in their country as the film boasts about India’s generous side through its protagonist and also promote Hinduism, how come they will get clearance from the Censor Board to release Baahubali 2 now is the question. Also, some experts opined that as Pakistan doesn’t like India’s fantastic growth and development, they should not encourage this visual effects that showcases much of India’s talent though with collaboration from world experts.

Anyway, Twitterati is said to have understood demand from Pakistan and a fanmade poster taking a dig at Pakistan’s religious stand is now doing rounds everywhere. The iconic Prabhas-Anushka and the six arrows poster of Baahubali got turned to Babu Ali, and Anushka is seen wearing a burkha while Prabhas shave his moustache but grown a beard. Hilarious, isn’t it?

Also Pakistan needs to understand something by looking at this poster. See how autocratic they are thinking when it comes to scrutinising films as they can’t think about any creative democracy.Baahubali-Pakistan-Poster