Baahubali Sound Designer’s Sensational Comments


PM-SateeshWho dares to blast Bollywood in the name of Baahubali? Already many celebs are in awe of this big budgeted giant which is reaping crores from the box office in no time. But the sound designer who worked on this Rajamouli’s magnum opus says, Bollywood would never make such film.

PM Sateesh, a National Award winning sound designer who created stunning sound for films like Kaminey and Ishqiya, has worked on Baahubali has well. Using Dolby Atmos technology and recording various folio for Baahubali 2 at Ramoji Film City’s godowns, he created stunning output for the movie. As he’s getting a unanimous appreciation for his work, he reveals why Bollywood can’t a Baahubali due to two reasons.

“In Bollywood, we lack the discipline to make such a film. When such a film is happening in Telugu cinema definitely Bollywood should also pull one. Bollywood biggies will not even listen to what a technician says. But in Telugu cinema, if we could logically convince the director and producer, the job is done, no questions asked” said Sateesh in an interview with a national media house. If this is reason one, he says that ‘budget’ is the reason two.

“No doubt Bollywood films will have huge budgets, but if the budget is 600 crores then only 100 crores goes to production while big stars eat up remaining 500 crores as their remuneration. But in Telugu cinema, the whole of 600 crores goes into production and that’s how Baahubali is made” Sateesh added, as a second reason.

Well, as Baahubali is a magnanimous hit, no one could deny this comments. Let’s see how Bollywood folks will respond.