Baahubali storm subsided; But Hollywood awaits!


Baahubali-storm-subsidedIndian Cinema industry has never experienced such a magnanimous success in Baahubali2. The movie became the huge blockbuster globally and during the Baahubalian run in the four weeks, the movie managed to record 480 crs gross approximately, just from Hindi release.

The movie saw huge rush and long queues all over and the straight Hindi films suffered heavily as they were crushed with no mercy. Only recently, Arjun Kapoor, Shraddha Kapoor starrer Half Girlfriend had a minute impact on box office while Baahubali2 wave started to subside. Hindi producers started breathing a sigh of relief and a big movie like Sachin: A Billion Dreams, a documentary on Sachin’s life, has been scheduled to release on Friday.

Alas, if bollywood was able to see past the Baahubali wave, they have to now combat stiff competition from Hollywood movies. The big movies like Pirates of Caribbean: Dead Men tell No Tales, Baywatch, Wonder Woman are scheduled for release in next two weeks. As, even Indian Film lovers are big fans of the actors involved in the movies, the hindi films are finding it difficult to get a decent release. Along with Sachin movie, Rajkumar Rao and Shruthi Hasan’s comedy Behen Hogi Teri,  Manisha Koirala’s Dear Maya and Huma Qureshi’s Dobara are releasing in the next two weeks and the distributors are showing interest towards them.

Even the big budget Raabta, starring Sushanth Singh Rajput and Kriti Sanon, releasing on 9th June has a stiff competition from, Tom Cruise’s ‘The Mummy’, reboot of the popular horror adventure series, Mummy. With such stiff competition many producers are wondering if they can recover their costs at least.

CBFC board Chairman and producer, Pahlaj Nihlani opined the same. He said, “Many Hollywood films with huge budget and greater marketing strategies are releasing during the period and even a film like Sachin, is facing theatre issues due to them. It is a given that these Hindi films will find it difficult to even survive this battle!”