Baahubali story line inspired from Jesus Christ’s life


Baahubali(1)Jesus life

Jesus, son of most high God, who lives in Heaven comes down to earth in a human form. Takes birth in a cow shed. Grows up in a small village called Nazreth in Israel. Lives among the most common people. He lives a very normal, simple life on earth, though he is a son of God. Jesus grew up as a normal human being and at the age of 33 and a half years, he defeats the most powerful enemy of the Human race ” SATAN” and delivers the people from the slavery of sin. He is therfore called a DELIVERER.

The entire human race which came under the SATAN rule at a particular point of time was delivered by Jesus by defeating the enemy SATAN.

Baahubali story line

Shivudu, son of Amarendra Baahubali- King of Mahishmati takes birth in an island, is brought up by villagers. He lives a very normal simple life in a small village in an island though he is the son of a king. He grews up as a normal villager and defeats the most powerful enemy Bhallaladeva and his countless army. He then delivers the people from the slavery. Shivudu, will be a deliverer of the people of Mahishmati kingdom.

The Kingdom of Mahishmati will come under the rule of Bhallaladeva at a particular point of time and it will be delivered by Shivudu by defeating the enemy Bhallaladeva (Rana)