Baahubali Stunt leads to a Death


Baahubali-Stunt-leads-to-deathFilm Stars perform Stunts under experts supervision. If Common Man follows them blindly to prove their heroism, Such attempts could lead to an irreparable loss. That’s what happened in the case of a Mumbai-based Businessman.

On June 14th, Indrapal Patil went to Mahuli Fort in Shahapur along with his Close Buddies. He tried to jump from a certain height near the waterfall but his attempt to land on his feet has gone terribly wrong. Soon, His Friends brought him out of the water but it was too late by then.

Cops suspect the deceased might have jumped taking inspiration from ‘Baahubali’. Whereas, Mahendra (Indrapal’s Brother) who was shocked to know about the tragedy alleges his brother might have been killed with a proper plan or somebody could have pushed him playfully or accidentally.

Actually, The Waterfall Sequence in ‘Baahubali’ is created by SS Rajamouli using Visual Effects. Neither there was waterfall nor Prabhas jumped into water from a high altitude while shooting those portions.