Babu Baga Busy’s shocker about obscenity?


Misthy-ChakraborthyTollywood makers are daring to remake Bollywood adult film Hunterr in Telugu as Babu Baga Busy. Avasarala Srinivas is starring in the lead role in the remake directed by Naveen Medaram who earlier gave VFX to British films London Life and Nice To Meet You.

The film’s first look, teaser and trailer is generating tremendous interest and some even criticised the makers for the bold content. Avasarala Srinivas is taking romance and eroticism on Tollywood silver screen to new heights romancing  Misthy Chakraborthy, Supriya and Tejaswini with Srimukhi playing important role.

Misthy Chakraborthy speaking to scribes said “I was initially apprehensive about taking up this role, but when I heard how director Naveen Medaram wrote my role, I willingly took it up. Also, there isn’t anything obscene about my role or the film, it only has a message,”

She added “I play an independent and mature woman, a character which is completely different from who I am in real life. That’s why I took it up. I love experimenting with roles and always aspire for versatility and Babu Baaga Busy gave me that opportunity.”

Misthy is also starring in Sarabha under the direction of Narasimha Rao. She says “I play a girl with a lot of attitude and my role also has grey shades, which is a first for me. The sci-fi film is loaded with graphics and will be a visual feast,”