Babu Gogineni Disapproves Bigg Boss 2 Result


Babu-Gogineni-Disapproves-Bigg-Boss-2-ResultRationalist Babu Gogineni breathed fire on Bigg Boss Management and Kaushal Manda after the grand finale.

In the strongly-worded letter, Babu Gogineni got vexed witnessing Bigg Boss Management support Kaushal even though he made many mistakes, behaved dishonestly and exhibited jealousy on many occasions. He accused Bigg Boss of ruining the spirit of the game by allowing Nutan Naidu and Shyamala campaign after elimination and letting them into the House again. ‘These two Housemates tried to influence rest of the contestants by sharing what’s happening outside. Actually, This game is all about having no communication with the outside world. Then, how could it be acceptable?,’ he questioned.

Babu Gogineni slammed Kaushal Army for alleged criminal intentions citing how they threatened and abused housemates opposing Kaushal. He disclosed how paying $3,500 to the marketing agencies would lead to creation of thousands of fake email IDs through which numerous votes can be cast. ‘In Cricket terminology, The Game slipped into the hands of Bookies. Reality Show has become a Cyber War,’ opined the Rationalist.

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