Backlog Of Vijay Devarakonda


Vijay Devarakonda has become the latest sensation among the youth, because of his film, Arjun Reddy. The actor did work hard and struggle to reach to this position.

He did few small roles in popular films and during that time, he would have acted in films that failed to secure a release.

One film, Ye Mantram Vesave, is now looking to release using his fame and he did not acknowledge the movie being present in his filmography till now.

He did not promote the film and even though producers decided to release it March and that too, on 9th, he did not react.

But he directly acknowledged it my calling it his backlog that he wanted to hide. He took it in a lighter vein and also, clarified that he hopes that the film doesn’t exist.

He tweeted,

“Naku kuda backlogs unnayi abba. intlo teliyakunda manage cheddamu anukunna.. Kani 5years tarvatha YouTube lo trend avtundi ”


“Even I too have backlogs mann .. I tried to manage it without people knowing about them but one is trending on YouTube after 5 years!”