A Bad Joke On Heroine By Anchor Suma


Anchor-SumaAnchor Suma is known for her punches, hilarious jokes and presence of mind when it comes to hosting any talk show, game series or a live event. That’s the reason she is the hot favourite at almost all the big audio functions of Tollywood. But here’s the saddest part.

No matter how liberal one is at throwing jokes sometimes crossing of boundaries will happen. Other day when the team of Babu Baga Busy went to the shoot of a special show being hosted and produced by Suma, a bad joke was burst by our top anchor on heroine Mishti Chakravarthy. Suddenly out of nowhere, Suma asked “R u Mushti??” and that set every other celeb from the film broke into huge laughs. But what kind of joke is this?

“Mushti” in Telugu means ‘beg’ and its related to begging. And Suma just made use of the rhyming. Within no time, heroine Mishti understood this joke but just kept smiling without getting embarrassed showing her courage to take even a bad joke. Understanding that she has crossed the limit, Suma immediately tendered an apology, revealed a unit member.

Currently, editing of this show is going on and Suma asked his technicians to chop out this ‘mushti’ part. Well, bad jokes shouldn’t come out, else they will spoil Suma’s image forever.