Bad Luck in Good Luck for Shekar Kammula!


Sekhar-Planning-Fidaa-SequeFew directors and producers try to make good films and make some money out of them. The problem is that when you stick to just the story and try to do what is right for it, you might end up not making any money but the movie might become a blockbuster. Does this sound confusing? Well, the reality is even more sad and confusing than the above statements.

Shekhar Kammula, the most favoured director again in Telugu Film Industry after Fidaa success, not just once but twice ended up making nothing more than few crores while the collections have been greater than that. While making Happy Days, Shekar Kammula is an upcoming director and he wanted to sell off the film to a big distributor who is looking to buy the film and take the risk.

Post release the movie made profits of more than 10 crores but all Shekhar got is one crore as per the Industry insiders. He became a big name after Happy Days but flops once again brought him to where he started. So, he approached Varun Tej through Dil Raju and accepted to just be a director and not a producer for the film, Fidaa. The movie became a double blockbuster and collected upto 50 crores share but all Shekar got is remuneration and nothing more.

These days, even directors who have one hit are trying to take a percentage in profits from producers but Shekar did not have any agreement like that. We have to say, this is like Bad Luck in Good Luck for him!