Bad News For ‘Game Of Thrones’ Fans


Game-Of-ThronesIf there is any viral serial that took the whole world by a storm, it is none other than “Game Of Thrones”. Set in the fictitious medieval backdrop, this TV series has kings and queens fighting for a throne by shedding huge blood and ruthless killings, in the name of war.

Game Of Thrones became so popular in India that the names of characters like Khalesi, Cersei, Jon Snow, Lannisters, Tyrion and Dragons have become regularly used words. After the series ran successfully for seven years (seven seasons), the TV series is now heading for a grand finale marking the end of the series forever. First of all, already fans are feeling sad that this TV series is running to an end, and now another jolt came to them.

Actually, the final season of Game Of Thrones will not be aired in 2018 as expected but HBO confirmed that it will be in 2019. Though they haven’t given the date, it may be somewhere in June-July, during springtime. So even for the season to end, lovers of this TV series need to wait for 2 years literally.

Meanwhile, fans across the globe are weaving their own grand climax for Game Of Thrones and sharing their thoughts on the web. So, who will finally sit on the throne? Jon Snow? or Cersei Lannister? Or Daenerys Targaryen? or surprisingly Tyrion? Let’s wait until July 2019.