Bahubali 2 graphics editor Krishna arrested


Baahubali-2-trailer-detailsSeveral scenes in the yet to be released heavy budget movies are getting leaked over internet. Despite taking several precautions, nobody is able to arrest these leakages. Bahubali, which had proved the power of Telugu cinema in particular and India cinema in general across the globe suffered the same problem. Rajamouli have taken several precautions, including the dumping of mobile phones in a box to avoid shooting of scenes with mobiles by any individual, before entering the floors. As the scenes from the movie were leaked over internet, Rajamouli revealed that it is the handiwork of insiders. Some war scenes of nine minutes’ length were leaked.

Immediately the Bahubali team lodged complaint and alerted the cyber crime police. The police investigated the incident and arrested Bahubali-2 graphics editor Krishna in Vijayawada. The producers booked a case on Krishna with the cyber cell police. Based on the CCTV footage at the editing place, and on getting some key information, the police found that Krishna had robbed the footage and informed the Jubilee Hills police. Following a complaint from Rajamouli, he was brought from Vijayawada, the police said. Unless the cyber crime police get into action and put a check to such incidents, these leakages could not be stopped. Otherwise, the videos will go viral within two-three hours across the globe, opine the film industry people.