Balakrishna Can Make Amitabh President?


Balakrishna-and-amitabhBalakrishna has agreed to do Krishna Vamsi’s Rythu on condition that Amitabh Bachchan would be part of the film which requires a larger-than-life person to essay a prominent role in the film. However, Amitabh had gently turned down the role in the film for his own reasons that were revealed later.

The role was all about how an Indian President praises the Best Farmer (to be played by Balakrishna) and hand over him the award. It is very crucial role for the script and no one other than Amitabh could pull off, felt Balayya.

Krishna Vamsi along with Balayya had met Amitabh on the sets of Sarkar 3 and narrated him the role. Amitabh was quite impressed but he couldn’t take it up since he was one of the contenders for the top post. Prime Minister Narendra Modi reportedly had Amitabh in the mind and wanted him to nominate for a key post – either President or Vice President. Amidst that situation, Amitabh said no to Balayya and the film subsequently didn’t materialise as Balayya was adamant on having Amitabh.

Now that Amitabh has ‘missed’ the chance to occupy the top slot in real, he would have no qualms to take up the role on screen now. If Balayya and Krishna Vamsi could meet Amitabh again, probably, the film could materialise.

Since Amitabh has agreed to do a pivotal role in Chiru’s 151st film Sye Raa Narasimha Reddy, the chances of Amitabh giving nod to Balayya’s film are also high. However, it all depends on Balayya and Krishna Vamsi. Since Vamsi is at the rock bottom of his career, especially after Nakshatram’s disaster, it is doubtful whether Balayya and producers would encourage Krishna Vamsi.