Why is Balakrishna delaying NTR biopic?


Balakrishna-delaying-NTR-biNandamuri Balakrishna is the first one to announce NTR biopic. After, he announced his film, RGV and another producer came into the picture. RGV, announced that he will start his Lakshmi’s NTR from next year, May and started working on his cop drama with Nagarjuna.

On the other hand, Balakrishna who wanted to release the movie by next May, decided to let Teja, work with Venkatesh first and then start his movie. In the meantime, as his next, Jai Simha is already in the last schedule, he is planningto work on another movie.

The real deal behind the delay, according to the gossip mongers is that NTR biopic can be a great political film that gives him and his party mileage in 2019 elections. So, he had a change of plans and decided to get the film ready by Sankranthi 2019. Teja after completing his film with Venkatesh, that starts in December mostly by April, will start at least pooja in May and regular shooting from June or July, at the earliest possible date.