Balakrishna Is Big Comedian: Naga Babu


Naga Babu received flak for commenting ‘Who is Balakrishna?’ when he was asked to something about the Hindupur Balakrishna. This harsh reaction could be an attempt to settle scores with the TDP Leader who claimed to be unaware of who is Pawan Kalyan way back in February this year.

Today, Naga Babu released a video message in which he claimed to be regretting for the mistake committed by him after few people found fault with his comment. He then added, ‘Will there be anyone who doesn’t know about Balakrishna? Everyone knew who he is..! He is a good actor, most importantly a big comedian. Very rarely we come across someone like him who does so much comedy. He is a very good comedian who generates so much humour. It’s really my mistake to say I don’t know such a comedian. And that too, He acted with NTR as well. Yes, He is Valluri Balakrishna garu. He have a nick name, Anji Gadu. He played a good role in Krishna’s Asadyudu as well. You could know all the details about him if you search in Wikipedia. Sadly, He is no more alive. Still, His Comedy continues to entertain us’.

That’s how Naga Babu insulted Balakrishna once again for finding fault with his earlier statement. Balayya could escape making any remarks on Megastar who is non-controversial but none of his two brothers will remain mere spectators if they become a target for anyone.

Balakrishna started it, Naga Babu took it further! Industry Folks who remained silent when Pawan Kalyan was insulted have no right to make a hue & cry now. What would MAA do to prevent Mega-Nandamuri War?

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