Balakrishna and Mohan Babu to Clash on March 28


balakrishna-mohan-babuNandamuri Balakrishna’s legend movie is slated to release on March 28th and recently it is heard that Manchu family’s ‘Rowdy’ movie is expected to release on the same day. There might be a big clash at the ticket window on the holiday period during Ugadi festival.

Legend is a combination of Boyapati Srinu and Bala Krishna after Simha movie and Maverick Director Ram Gopal Varma is working with Manchu family for the first time for Rowdy movie.

This is expected to be a clash as both the films are made with high potentials and family drama with powerful dialogues. There is space for these two movies on March 28th and it will be feast for fans and summer bonanza to the industry as well.

Let’s wait and see which movie scores best and reaches the audience expectations…