Balakrishna Needs Counselling, Really?


Balakrishna-Kathi-MaheshNo, we don’t want to label him or say anything about the actor that is completely not proven. But there is one man, who has been making news these days by only criticising big heroes and stars.

Well, you guessed his name right. Mahesh Kathi, said, ” Balakrishna needs to find a counsellor as soon as possible. His feudal behaviour is intolerable and the way, he behaves like a King and says that their family is the best like no others even exist is a big false pretence.”

He further commented, ” He should get rid of such mentality and should not feel proud about hitting another person, even if it his fan or his friend.”

Balakrishna has a short-temper and his words in various interviews have become controversial, no doubt about that. But Mahesh Kathi, after waging war against Pawan Kalyan and his fans, does he really need Balakrishna and his fans to come into the picture as well?

This seems completely opposite to what he claims to be. He claims to be a ‘victim’ whose right to freedom of speech is violated by a provocative group, Pawan Kalyan fans. Now, rather than trying to end it, he seems to have got a liking to it by taking on others as well.