Balakrishna Says Sorry on His Comments on Women


Balakrishna-pic-at-Savitri-As his comments on the women during audio launch of ‘Savitri’ rubbed the wrong side, Natasimham Nandamuri Balakrishna has received brickbats from all corners. The YSR CP’s women leader Roja demanded apologies to Balakrishna while Telangana advocate JAC filed a complaint at Saroor Nagar Police Station.

To pacify all those people who got furious over his derogatory comments, Balakrishna said sorry to them. He conveyed apologies to those people who got their feeling hurt with his comments.

Balakrishna also made it clear that it was the custom of their family to respect women as their sisters. Whatever the comments made by him during the audio launch of ‘Savitri’ were about the sequences of the movies. Further, he added that he inherited the quality of respecting women from his father. Finally, he conveyed women’s day best wishes to the women across the globe and pleaded them to end the controversy.