Balayya Done This Years Ago


In his long career, Balakrishna portrayed variety of roles. But, one of his classics is turning out to be huge inspiration for Tamil biggies. The characterization of roles being essayed and makeovers in recent Tamil films were done by Balakrishna long ago. Apparently, the film we are discussing about is Bhairava Dweepam, directed by Singeetham Srinivas.

Chiyaan Vikram played a hunchback in Shankar directed Manoharudu (I in Tamil); however Balayya was seen in such repulsive role two decades ago in Bhairava Dweepam. Lately, Vijay’s getup and dwarfs in Puli trailer also reminds us of Balakrishna’s landmark film.

Telugu spectators lauded Balakrishna’s performance in hunchback role and folk role and we know how big hit the film was. Bhairava Dweepam had all needed ingredients such as wonderful music, gripping screenplay, stunning VFX etc. Unfortunately, Vikram’s I failed miserably at box office due to lack of entertainment. On the other hand, Vijay’s Puli trailer has been getting off-putting reactions from Telugu audience, whereas Tamils are pleased with the trailer. Let’s see whether Vijay will please Telugus like Balakrishna in a folk Puli role.   balayya-done-this-years-ago