Balayya Fans, Only Balayya’s Fans


Balayya-FansDespite Kalyan Ram’s repeated appeals that Nandamuri Family is always a single unite and will be united, fans are said to be leaving his pleas to deaf ears. The happenings in Coastal districts on the eve of “Sher” release tomorrow are really hurting some honest admirers of Nandamuri family.

In the towns like Kakinada, now banners are put by some Nandamuri fans, who claim that they are Balayya Fans. They are not just Balayya fans, they are only Balayya fans. But they extend their wishes to Kalyan Ram for “Sher” and then feature Mokshagna’s image along with Sr NTR’s picture on the flexi sign board. What does this indicate in the first case?

Just one look at the banner makes it clear that except Jr NTR everyone is present in the scene. We wonder what is this difference and disparity fans are trying to show regarding Young Tiger. Needless to say, hardcore Nandamuri fans are not able to digest this.