Balayya Liquor Poetry Stuns Everbody


Balayya-Liquor-Poetry-Stuns‘Paisa Vasool’ Producer V. Anand Prasad conducted the audio function of ‘Paisa Vasool’ on a grand scale in Khammam.  Balayya came to Khammam from Hyderabad by helicopter, was very naughty through out the journey.  He continued the same in his speech and tried to impress the audience.  He said that his 101st movie is his relaunch as a hero.    Balayya is known for some controversies and this time he came up with a funny song praising the liquor to hit the headlines. We can all it liquor poetry.

He said that he listened to this song somewhere and he liked the song.

O brandi, o whisky, o rum entho ruchiraa.. entho ruchi entho ruchi entho ruchiraa..
Paala meegadakannna, panchadara chilaka kanna, o saraa nee nama mentho ruchiraa..
O saraa devaa.. neevu beeruvai, brandi vai.. whisky vai, rum muvai, gin nuvai, cocktailu vai, gudumba vai, naatu saaravai, daily devundavai, sampoorna mathu siddhivai,  rasa sphoorthi vai, rasaadhi devatha vai,Alcohol vai, eetha kalluvai, taati kalluvai, draksha saara vai, mandhu namantharammuvai, prathyaksha daivambuvai vachchi, maa nalkapai nilichi, maa gonthulo jaari, udharammulo koluvundi, aakali baadhalu tappinchi, eethi baadhalu maripinchi, taaratamyaalu levanuchu maaku brahmanandammu prasaadinchumu.

O saraa devaa namaste namaste namaha

Balayya funny poem attracted loud cheer from the audience. He went on to say that he sang a similar song in ‘Paisa Vasool’ and it came out well.  On the other hand, some netizens are commenting that Balakrishna is a star hero and a politician.. and how can he sing this kind of poetry? We have to wait and see what kind of criticism he will face with this kind of liquor poetry.