Balayya Made It Very Clear: Krishna Vamsi


balakrishna-and-krishna-vamsiKrishna Vamsi is one of the few directors in Telugu who commands good fan following among the audience.  Even though he is not delivering hits these days, his fans believe that he will bounce back someday.  It is known that Krishna Vamsi planned a film ‘Rythu’ with Nandamuri Balakrishna few months ago but the project didn’t materialise.

Balayya was impressed with the script.. producer is also ready but the project kept aside in the last minute because of Amiatabh Bachchan.  There is a crucial character in the film and Balayya is of the opinion that Amitabh Bachchan can only do justice to that role.  Balayya, Krishna Vamsi have approached Big B through Ram Gopal Varma.. but he has not given green signal for the film.

When Krishna Vamsi was asked about ‘Rythu’ project in a recent interview, he said that Balayya made it very clear that the project will go to the sets if Amitabh comes on board for the film.  He couldn’t hide his disappointment while he was answering the  question.

It is really surprising to see Balayya rejecting a good script just because of a character.  Some fans are wondering why Balayya is not considering any other actor for that role ?  Is it really Amitabh.. or he is showing Amitabh as an excuse to cancel the project ?