Balayya Parties Without Wig


Puri Camp follows the After-Party Culture. None of the close coterie of Puri are shying away from late-night parties even after their names surfaced in the drugs scandal. An After-Party was thrown post the audio success meet of ‘Paisa Vasool’ on Sunday.

Usually, Balakrishna doesn’t prefer such late-night parties but he can’t say no as the whole unit of ‘Paisa Vasool’ bonded well during the making. What came as a pleasant surprise was the wig-less avatar of the Hindupur MLA. He wasn’t seen in such a manner in any of the public outings in the recent years.

Charmee Kaur presented a portable Music Player to Balayya on behalf of Puri Connects for the co-operation he extended during the making of ‘Paisa Vasool’ to which she served as a Line Producer.Pic-Of-The-Day--Wig-less-Balayya-at-a-Party