Bandla Ganesh Is A Cat..


Bandla Ganesh.. Despite being introduced to the industry as a comedian, turned into a star producer now. He bankrolled the movies of Ravi Teja and Pawan Kalyan as well. There are some people who hate him as well. Hero Sachin who failed to establish as a hero and settled as a business man stated that Bandla Ganesh is a cheater and also made some sensational comments.

The issue happened a long time ago and it even got subsided. But to rekindle the fire Sachin opened his mouth again and revealed about how he met Bandla Ganesh and how he has done the movies in the first place. “I got acquainted with Bandla Ganesh when I was acting as a hero in ‘Orey Pandu’ movie under the direction of S.V.Krishna Reddy. By then, he already knew that i am a rich business man and asked me to help him. So, we let him join our production team. We financed his mo ies. But when It’s time to return our money he showed us his true colors. He has a disease of cheating people. For me, he is a cat. He drinks milk by closing his eyes and thinks that no one is watching him.” Said Sachin Joshi.

He also added that Bandla Ganesh was the one who forced him to stop being the producer and come back into movies as a hero. As he said so many times that Telugu audience are waiting to watch me onscreen, I did ‘Neejathaga Nenundali’ which came out as the remake of Aashiqui 2. He confessed that Bandla Ganesh also cheated him in the collections of that film as well.