Basanti Live Updates First Day First Show



Basanti Live Updates First Day First Show

Basanti Movie Review



Updated at 12:48 PM

Pre climax scenes are on … The students are revolting against the extremists

Updated at 12:31 PM

Pace has dropped once again … All efforts of the police officers are failing and the Basanthi college continues to remain in terrorist control

Updated at 12:23 PM

Finally, the hero has proposed to the heroine in extremely critical conditions…

Updated at 12:16 PM

Twist in the story! The serious song ‘Vellakuraa’ is on now ..

Updated at 12:08 PM

They are demanding release of their senior terrorist leader baabar khan

Updated at 12:01 PM

Stand half between police and terrorists over Basanthi college… Goutham is doing a good job

Updated at 11:40 AM

Interval – the movie has picked up momentum after a slow start. The terrorists have now targeted the college Basanthi. Second half is crucial now

Updated at 11:35 AM

A gunfight has broken out between the cops and terrorists… Movie has gained pace

Updated at 11:26 AM

Time for the third song from the film, ‘Prathikshanam’ … The song has good visual appeal…

Updated at 11:20 AM

A nice love track is developing between the hero and heroine… As a backdrop, the radical activities of a few students and illegal activists are also taking shape

Updated at 11:07 AM

Some terrorists are plotting for more blasts… The second song of the film, ‘Na lo Ne Lena’ is on…

Updated at 11:02 AM

Heroine Alisha Has been introduced as Roshini.. Scenes have a fresh feel

Updated at 10:48 AM

Goutham has been introduced in a very simple way. Time for the first song of the film, a college backdrop song

Updated at 10:41 AM

A sudden bomb blast sequence near kids. Shocking and sets tone of the film

Updated at 10:38 AM

Movie has just started … Pleasant music for the titles. Runtime of 127 mins