Beauty Opened Up On Her Struggling Days!


It is common that people forget about their past when they are the success.. but there will be some exceptions. Bollywood beauty Jacqueline Fernandez is an exception. Though Jacqueline is presently having a busy career in Bollywood, she revealed how she used to wait for offers in the past. She didn’t hide the fact that she struggled in the initial days of her career.

She wished that she would never go through such situations again in future. She said she don’t know how those two years passed during her struggling period. She said that she used to feel insecure at that time as she didn’t have any offers at hand. She said that she didn’t even have self-confidence with the negative thoughts then.

She said, “Negative thoughts used to haunt my mind. I went to Vatican City tour with my father just a month before I got ‘Kick’ movie offer. I didn’t have any offer at that time. No one used to call me. I thought it was the last tour of my life. Because I felt that I would not have the finances to go on tours in future. I was afraid that my wish of showing the world to my parents would not be fulfilled. I was deeply pained by such thoughts.” She added that determination to achieve success in her chosen field and hard work brought her to the position where she is now.

After the success of ‘Kick’ Jacqueline had to never look back. She is presently working on ‘Race 3’ starring Salman Khan and another Bollywood film ‘Drive’.