Bellamkonda gives shock to Adda Heroine


ShanviBellamkonda Suresh has produced and distributed many films. He is one of the top producers of telugu film industry and he is one tough man to deal with. But then there is also another side in him which is quite surprising. It is heard that Bellamkonda has got a special habit when it comes to heroines and that is his unpredictable generosity.

It is heard that when Samantha agreed to pair up with Bellamkonda’s son for his debut film to be directed by V V Vinayak, Suresh went ahead and gave a blank cheque to her for remuneration. But later on, Samantha backed off so it didn’t work out. But the gesture of Bellamkonda shocked many heroines.

Now sources say Bellamkonda got really impressed with the new actress Shanvi Srivastava, ‘Adda’ heroine. She got good marks for her glamour and sexy looks. Reports say Bellamkonda went ahead and paid her a lumpsum advance but he has not confirmed her for any film. So, Shanvi literally has the money in hand for a film without a film, that is Bellamkonda style.