Beyonce’s ‘Mirrors’: #BeyHereNow Announcement Is A Pepsi Ad (Video)


beyonce-pepsi-ad“Mirrors” does, however, feature a new song. In the ad, B is seen dancing in front of a mirror, as multiple incarnations of herself appear. There’s the Destiny’s Child-era Beyonce in a pink “Bootylicious” getup, the “Crazy in Love” Beyonce in a white tank and jean shorts, the “Single Ladies”-style hair and unitard and, of course, the modern B. (Scroll down for a gallery of stills.)

“Embrace your past,” she says at the end, “but live for now.”

UPDATE: The song that’s teased in the ad is called “Grown Woman” and features production from Timbaland. It will be released on April 8.

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In a seconds-long YouTube video posted Wednesday, Beyonce is shown as new music plays in the background. Text then appears and directs users to pay attention at 9 am on Thursday, offering up the hashtag #BeyHereNow as a guiding light.

Pre-announcement speculation had many thinking the singer would unveil information about her album. Rumors of a new single have been percolating for some time, so a song, album title and release date were all plausible.

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Beyonce’s big #BeyHereNow announcement has been revealed, and it’s a Pepsi ad.

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