Bhai 3 Days Collections


Bhai-collectionsBhai 3 Days Collections

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Bhai (Nagarjuna) is the most skilled and trusted enforcer of a Hong Kong based Don, named David (Ashish Vidyarthi). David is heavily dependant on Bhai for his day to day operations and this is resented by David’s sons, James (Sonu Sood) and Tony (Ajay).

David sends Bhai to Hyderabad, to finish off an undercover police officer who is disrupting the mafia operations in the city. Bhai begins hunting down the undercover officer and uncovers his identity. The cop is none other than Arjun (Prasanna) and Bhai decides to finish him off.

Bhai 1st Day Collections is 7.10 Crores
Bhai 2nd Day Collections is 6.23 Crores

Bhai 3rd Day Collections is 5.6 Crores

Bhai Total Collections is 18.93 Crores