Bhai Biggest Openings for Nagarjuna Till Date: Director


VeerabhadramWe have cut away the scenes that were felt degrading the media from the movie coz media played an important role in my growth’ said Veerabhadram Chowdary, almost apologetically to the media in a pressmeet organized to share the success secrets of his film, The Nagarjuna starrer BHAI. The secrets he told were more about the collections of the film and the figures were astonishing to hear.

‘The film has collected a share of close to Ten Crores in the first two days of the run, including 7.8 Crores in AP and above two Crores in all the others like Overseas, Karnataka, Tamil Nadu and others put together. The film has been taken well by the families, Nag fans, youth and female populace all alike.

He added ‘Audiences expected a non stop fun from the film and we had some fantastic drama in the film too. As my Guru EVV once said, I am able to hold the audience in their seats all along the two and half hours of the film run and I feel I am successful. We are now in the celebrating mode’ He once again reiterated that he is fortunate to have landed with an opportunity to direct an Annapurna Studios film.