Bhallaladeva Distributing Perfume Bottles


Rana-Baahubali-2Baahubali has arrived, stormed into 500 crore club and ready to exit too. Director Rajamouli has got intense fame with this film. But what has happened to actors like Prabhas and Rana? Though all these guys won name and fame, Rajamouli shadowed their prospects. For that reason, Rana is now coming up with unique plans.

Today, Rana announced everyone to record their favourite dialogues of Bhallaladeva through Dubsmash and upload them to twitter. Those who have delivered their best are going to win Rana’s favourite “Perfume” Bottles.

One wonders what this contest’s sole aim is. Because there is no use of holding such contests now in order to promote the film. Already the film is nearing an end in theatres. So the only use of it is going to be a personal one. If not for personal promotion, what’s the use Rana?