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Bheemavaram Bullodu ReviewBheemavaram Bullodu Movie Live Updates

This is the latest movie coming up in the combination of Sunil and Esther. Uday Shanker is the Director. Uday Shanker has a good name and fame as a very popular comedy director. Suresh Productions is his mother company. As a director, he made more movies from that company. Now he wants to express his gratitude to the company by making this movie a Super-Hit.

Bheemavaram Bullodu Movie Review భీమ‌వ‌రం బుల్లోడు రివ్యూ

12:42 pm : Prithvi Raj understands Rambabu and gives film a Happy Ending with a message.

12:37 pm : Final Fight has few inspirations from Bollywood films. Climax is taking too much time to complete…

12:29 pm : Krrish mask is added now to elevate final fight sequence. Here comes Telangana Shakunthala to help Rambabu with his love..

12:25 pm : Director trying to add sympathy to characters and add emotional depth that’s more like hilarious fun to irritated audience.

12:22 pm: One more song! This is a pre-climax mass song ‘Bhalle Bhalle’ … Pace of the movie is very slow and nothing much is happening

12:13pm : Tagubothu Ramesh as aspiring artist is fun. Movie rolling at Snail pace..

11:57 am : Rambabu starts forcing Pruthvi Raj to accept his love. In the mean while Hyd Goons starts searching for Rambabu..

11:53 am : Post Interval movie turning out to be very routine with predictable narration. Rambabu plans to make Nandini family like him..

******Interval ******

11:30 am : In a typical situation Rambabu gets to know the truth about his disease.

11:22 am : As Nandini pressures Rambabu, he reveals his reports to her and says her to accept the arranged marriage..

11:05 am : Nandini (Esther) starts loving Rambabu. Time for love song “Edhi Prema” decently shot song..

10:58 am : Eyes lenni vadu IMAX vallaledu ga anduke art gallery ki valthunna: Prudhvi

10:54 am : Rambabu starts cleaning every goon in town to make Hyderabad clean with the help of Posani.

10:48 am : In the journey to Hyderabad, Rambabu starts liking Esther. Another fight sequence to highlight Durga (Supreet) and Posani (Police Officer).

10:44 am : Raktha charitha ki Remake lanti vadine : Raghubabu; Nenu Dabangg ki dubbing lanti vadine : Sunil … First fight to save Esther..

10:41 am : Tanikella Bharini inspires Rambabu by saying “Naluguriki manchi chesthe Brathikikundagane Swaragam chudachu”. That’s how Rambabu plans to leave Bheemavaram and meets Ester.

10:37 am : Mundu climax telisupothe cinema ye bore kodthiundi naa climax mundu telisupoyyindi anduke chachipovali : Rambabu

10:32 am : Due to a “Chambu” shot, family gets to know about Rambabu’s Brain Tumor disease.

10:29 am : “kaveri kaverii nuvve naa bangari” song is average.Choreography and picturization are not so promising..

10:22 am : Ram babu (Sunil) is introduced with OX chase sequence. Rana starts Narrating the flash back sequence..

10:18 am : Starts off with Funky bgm and titles in Pink Layout. With Rana’s voice over introducing characters..

10:16 am : Good Morning Telugu Movie Lovers Welcome to Sunil Bheemavaram Bullodu Movie, Tweets Live Updates and Wishing all a Blessed & Happy Maha ShivaRatri..


భీమ‌వ‌రం బుల్లోడు ట్వీట్ రివ్యూ

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