Big B Feels Small In front of Baahubali


Baahubali-release-dateIt’s raining praises for Baahubali. Joining the bandwagon is none other than Bollywood’s mega star and India’s legendary actor Amitabh Bachchan. Even before the release of trailer of Baahubali, actor Rana Daggubati managed to show the trailer to Amitabh Bachchan and the Zanjeer star’s response to it is ‘amazing’, ‘astonishing’ and ‘unimaginable’. In a Tete-a-tete with Rana, Amitabh called Baahubali an ‘incredible work’ and praised Rajamouli as ‘renowned talent’.

‘Rana I feel very privileged to seen this first look of Baahubali. And I’m absolutely amazed, astounished at how you have been able to recreate this. Magnificent visuals, am sure the story is equally good. You’re working with Rajamouli. He is such a renowned talent. How did you conceive something like this. It’s just imaginable,’ shared Amitabh as his first-reaction soon after watching the trailer.

Rana told, ‘The film was shot for close to 400 days. The last action piece you’ve seen was shot for 120 days alone. We went and fought for 120 days.’

Amitabh, ‘My goodness, this is unbelievable. I feel very small in front of something like this. It’s a great effort. I doubt anything like this has been seen on Indian Cinema before. I hope millions and millions of people would see this effort. Normally, we see these kind of structures, frame work is seen in one of the progressive Hollywood cinema. I believe this was all shot in Hyderabad. I feel very happy and honoured to be part of Industry that’s inventing this fantastic material. I’m happy the film is dubbed in Hindi and being made in Tamil, Telugu. All the best Rana. I wish Rajamouli Ji all the very best and the people connected with it. I’ve never seen anything like this before. Now I feel I should have been in this project. Each time I see astonishing work, I feel envious. I wish I was part of this project.’

Sharing the video, Rajamouli wrote, ‘A big thanks to Amitabh Bachchan ji for his kind words… The team is still in shock from hearing the praises for Baahubali. It is very encouraging to hear such wonderful things about our work from one of the greatest legends of Indian cinema!’