BigBoss2 Love Takes Over, Tears All Over


It looks like the organisers of Big Boss show scripts perfect tasks to bring out some sentiment, masala, emotions and fights inside the show. Other day with Big Boss asking the inmates to talk about a sacrifice they have done for anyone in their life, the house turned emotional.

#BigBoss2 Telugu is getting more attention for its emotional connect now as every contestant is now made to speak about love other day. Especially when actress/dancer Bhanu Sree spoke about her experiences in Krishna Nagar and how one Shankar Reddy helped her big time to get a foot in the film industry. She has almost made everyone cry with her story.

Then Nandini Rai also revealed how tough it is to go through depression and spoke about a friend who has helped her. She stated that apparently a boy and girl can be good friends and then true love also exists between them without actually being lovers.

Then Ganesh also explained how his mother never takes a day off from her Bank job such that this guy will enjoy all the luxuries. He explained that she didn’t care about his bad marks and comments of neighbours, but helped her turn into an RJ in Hyderabad.

And other contestants like Samrat also explained how parents gave him everything but he never returned anything for that love and never sacrificed anything. He requested God for a chance to give them something in return.