BigBoss2 Secret Task For Hot New Entrant


Last night it is a stunner for fans of happening TV show #BigBoss2, as a new unexpected celeb entered the house as a wildcard entrant. Though many are expecting to see a Telugu celebrity entering the house, the organisers got a Tamil girl to make a splash.

At 4 am in the morning, ‘Swamy Ra Ra’ fame Pooja Ramachandran is sent into the house when everyone was in deep sleep. She sneaked into the house on toes and pushed herself on to the sofa in the living room. And as slowly she slipped into sleep under the comforter, we have to see what happens when she wakes up.

A rumour is doing rounds that she is given some secret tasks like spending most of her time at the swimming pool to distract some contestants who are getting attached to a few girls. At the same time, she will be taking sides of Kaushal to make sure that the groupism equation in the house will be under balance.

Whatever it maybe, firstly we have to see how well Pooja will be able to sustain herself inside the house with inmates becoming politically stronger after 40 days of stay.