BigBoss2 Their Behaviour Changed Surprisingly


Among all the contestants in the house of #BigBoss2, two people have got some different kind of following for their behaviour. They are none other than TV9 Deepthi and commoner entrant RJ Ganesh. Both are favoured by many to date, but now things have changed dramatically.

Recently Big Boss came up with an interesting nomination plan for ‘elimination’. They have paired people who like each other and asked them to nominate one from them. Finally, we have Tejaswi, Tanish, Samrat and Roll Rida in the list, while one more should be picked from a brother-sister pair of Ganesh-Deepthi.

But before they declared to set one among themselves free, the huge drama took place, with Deepthi saying that Ganesh could easily survive elimination as people will back him like they did all these weeks. It could be noticed that Ganesh is nominated every single week till date from the start of Big Boss 2. Then Ganesh added a point that he got nominated all the time and quoted Nani’s scolding for self-nominating. He asked Deepthi to nominate herself because he feels that she got nominated only twice and he got nominated five times.

With both not deciding and trying to squeeze the process more, Geetha Madhuri asked them to take an instant decision. That’s when Deepthi got hurt and nominated herself. Definitely, neither Deepthi nor Ganesh has that sympathy or love of audiences now like they enjoyed earlier, after looking at this incident.

While Deepthi’s selfish behaviour came out, Ganesh’s arrogance is also on display. Let’s see what will do this to them.