Bigg Boss 2 Telugu Jump in TRP ratings


Bigg Boss 2 Telugu, being hosted by Natural Star Nani has turned out to be viewers’ favourite show on the television. Though earlier the TV audience were disappointed with the selection of contestants. BARC has released the latest TRPs today and Bigg boss 2 Telugu has got very good TRP ratings in latest week. Star MAA got 630131 impressions for the week 29 from 14th July to 20th July 2018 whereas 28th week has only 534453 impressions.

Star Maa has left no stone unturned to make the Bigg Boss 2 Telugu bigger success than the season 1. The TV viewers are falling in love with the way Nani cracks jokes and teases the housemates. He has definitely boosted the viewership of Bigg Boss Telugu 2 with its TVP, which has improved from 6.5 to 6.8. Surprisingly, the Sunday episode of Bigg Boss 2 Telugu has got 11 TVP.

Last year, the controversial reality show Bigg Boss 2 was hosted by young Tiger Jr NTR and it emerged as a big success. Now, it will be interesting to see what new twist and turns makers unfold to hold the audiences.

Tejaswi Madiwada has been eliminated from the show whereas actress Pooja Ramachandra has made her wild card entry in Bigg Boss 2 house. Thursday’s episode of Bigg Boss 2 was started off with giving another chance to Nandini, Deepti Sunaina, and Ganesh to talk to the members of their family. They were given options to self-nominate for the whole season or to give away the powers to become the captain for the whole season. Bigg Boss also gives a chance to the contestants to impress Pooja Ramachandran by giving her the power to nominate 4 contestants for the captaincy task. Amit Tiwari, Samrat, Singer Geetha Madhuri, and anchor Deepti get into nominations. Geetha Madhuri wins the captaincy task. Babu Gogineni digs some dirt up on Geetha Madhuri. He said, “How can you be a captain?” Today’s promos hint that Singer Geetha Madhuri will cry in Bigg Boss 2 house.