Bigg Boss 2: Ticket To Grand Finale!


Bigg Boss have come up with an innovative task for the Housemates who wishes to be part of the grand finale. Whoever performs well in the task gets immunity from nominations. Which means, They won’t be facing the threat of Elimination until the final episode.

What is the unique task given to the Housemates? Soon after the siren buzzes, Housemates will have to get into the car parked in the garden area. 5 Housemates who manage to enter the car first will be in race for Ticket to Finale. The Housemate who stays in the car for entire 24 hours will be declared as winner.

If any of the 5 Housemates step out of the car for any reason, They will be disqualified immediately. Nobody will be declared as winner if more than one housemate completes the task successfully.

Kaushal can’t compete for ‘Ticket to Finale’ as he was already nominated for the rest of the season. He was assigned the task to see who accomplished the mission successfully.

Whoever touches the car before the siren buzzes will be declared as disqualified. Based on this rule, Kaushal disqualified Roll Rida citing his mike had touched the car.

Deepthi, Geetha Madhuri, Shyamala, Samrat and Tanish entered the car. ‘Ticket to Finale’ task will end tomorrow.